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What IQ has to do with anything? A lively discussion.

OK, since I published the first article, a friend of mine has been bugging me about it, so, we had a lively discussion on the subject and I decided to entertain his view in the next line. Please bear up with me and with my ranting. So, drove 3 distinct advantages to people with higher… Continue reading What IQ has to do with anything? A lively discussion.

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100-150 $ gaming computer

The title is really not a click-bait, I actually did this build with a friend on a very tight budget. So, just to clear things up, this will not play the witcher III on high settings in 4K, not even in 1080p, but it will play other titles in 1080p with frame rates crossing 60… Continue reading 100-150 $ gaming computer

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Enemy of the camera

Around 2 weeks ago, one of my clients suggested that I should employ my knowledge and skill in writing to give online courses. I was flattered, really, and I thought that this could be a chance to help someone, somewhere (while making some money off this) and I am addicted to helping others. Till there,… Continue reading Enemy of the camera

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What IQ has to do with anything?

A friend of my wife posed today a viable question, Why aren't you a millionaire if you are so smart? Before I would pick on the question, let me present some background information. I was seen as a child prodigy, with an IQ of 160 at the age of 8 years old, I actually wrote… Continue reading What IQ has to do with anything?

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The Ultimate Gaming Rig

OK, I just posted about budget gaming, it works, but if money is not a problem (every time a client tells me 'money is not a problem', i know that payment is going to be a serious problem) then why not check the ultimate gaming rig, at around 10,000 USD? 10k $ sounds like too… Continue reading The Ultimate Gaming Rig

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400 USD gaming pc

I am a gamer, which I think is an established fact from my other posts. I am mostly into CRPG (that is one ancient acronym, I think nowadays it is just called RPG, but since I was into tabletop RPG 'Yeah, I'm that type of guy', I inadvertently sometimes revert to old acronyms like CRPG)… Continue reading 400 USD gaming pc

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Yet another DIY post, I like those

Like I mentioned in another post, I'm my household's resident handyman, something that I'm most proud of. So, I decided to share another DIY experience here, although it is more refined than the last. The victim of this episode of Dr. Guirguis mutilates innocent house appliances is the Chopper (not the one that flies with… Continue reading Yet another DIY post, I like those